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The personalisation of your needs is done in three steps. First our webpage is designed so that you can choose your preferences over the type of project and deliverable you need, asking you the essential information that profiles your project. Secondly, you’ll be asked for specific inputs of information about your product or project. With them we will scope in a second level of detail your project. And lastly, once you’ll accept the quotation, we’ll confirm with you the remaining details and preferences through our Bravae Workspace Portal.

Yes. Bravae services of virtual reality and 3D contents for businesses and corporations, has been designed to work digitally end-to-end including quotation and ordering processes, follow on of the project, and final delivery. You’ll have access to a secure Bravae Workspace Portal to do all this once the quotation is accepted.

Bravae works with the best tools and technologies in art design, modelling, texture, animation, coding and rendering in the market. With film-quality levels.

Our competitive positioning is clear, we want to give the maximum quality at very competitive prices. To achieve it we invest in optimisation and innovation of all our internal processes from the creative process to the build-up of models, animations etc. as well as in the management of projects.

Based on our Multimedia Production Centre, in Barcelona, we have there more than 20 years of history in 3D and VR projects. From there we will be managing your project with our central team and a network of carefully selected associates globally.

Client satisfaction and quality of our projects is in the DNA of Bravae. From the confirmation of a new project we assign a Production Manager to it that will care about the consideration of all your requirements and look after the quality of the work that is produced for your project. In any moment you’ll be able to access a secure Bravae Workspace Portal where you’ll be able and asked to do the follow on, the intermediate validations and the final acceptance of your project.

The payment will be made in two parts, 50% once the quotation is accepted and 50% when the project is finished, to receive final delivery and executables. Payments will be done by back transfer following the payment indications on the quotation email. According to our commercial terms the first payment will be considered a confirmation of the order and also an acceptance of its terms and conditions. Clients with a credit validated Bravae Client Account, will see projects begin just after acceptance of quotation and will also have executables files before final payment.

Yes. We have available credit validations for our corporate clients. Ask us how to have it.

All our executable files are guaranteed to run without problems under the specified hardware and systems. Also the quality of our graphics, models, textures, animation and interactivity, they’ll be all according to the best market standards. You can consult the commercial terms in our section.

Under the section of client cases you will find a selection of some of our work (link a la sección) In any case do not hesitate to ask us examples of other specific contents. We have more than 20 year of experience in 3D and virtual reality in our archives.


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