A. Introduction
  1. When you visit us for the first time give your assent for the use that we give to the cookies, in accordance with the terms of this policy, you give us permission to use those cookies whenever you visit our website.

B. Global data protection regulation (GDPR)
  1. This Privacy policy is written by the intention of complying with what is specified in the policy of the European Union on protection of information (GDPR).

C. Compile of personal information

The following types of personal information can be compiled, stored and used:

  1. information about your computer, including its direction IP, geographical place, type and navigator's version, and operating system;

  2. information about visits and use of this website, including the sources of reference, duration of the visit, pages visited and routes of navigation of the website;

  3. information that you introduce on having created an account in our website, like e-mail address;

  4. information that you introduce on having created a client profile on our website.

  5. information that you introduce to subscribe to our email and bulletins, like name and email address;

  6. information that you introduce for the use of the services in our website;

  7. information that is generated for the use of our website, included date and time, frequency and under what circumstances did you used it;

  8. information about any aspect related to your quotation or buying order, the services that you use or orders that you do in the website, it includes eventually name, direction, telephone number, e-mail address, payments of our services bank account and/or credit card information;

  9. information that is published on our website with the intention to be published on the Internet, when this will be the case it should be indicated explicitly.

  10. information contained in any of the communications that you send to us across e-mail or our website, including the content of the communication and metainformation;

  11. any other personal or business information that you send to us.

Before you share with us any personal information of another person or company, you first need to obtain the assent of this person or company, both for the publication and for the processing of this personal information in accordance with their policies. By default, we will assume that this is the case. We take no responsibility for any breach in this from your side or by third parties.

D. Use of your personal information

The personal information that you send to us across our website will be used with the purpose specified in this policy or in the related pages of the website. We can use your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. to administer our website and business;

  2. to personalize our website for you;

  3. to activate the use of available services in our website;

  4. to send you articles or products bought in our website;

  5. to give services bought in our website;

  6. to send extracts, invoices and payment reminders and to compile your information;

  7. to send commercial communications (not of marketing);

  8. to send notifications of email that you may have requested specifically;

  9. to send an email bulletin, if you have requested it (you can inform us in any moment if you do not want to remain signed to the bulletin);

  10. to send communications of marketing related to our business, or the business of third parties carefully chosen, that we think that they will be of your interest, by mail postcard or where you have accepted specially to this, by e-mail or similar technologies (you can inform us in any moment if you do not want to keep on receive other marketing communications);

  11. to give statistical information to third parties on our users (but those third will not be able to identify any individual user with this information):

  12. to give answer to the questions and your complaints, or complaints over you, related to our website;

  13. to maintain protected the website and to avoid the fraud;

  14. to verify the fulfilment of the terms and conditions that apply on the use of our website; and

  15. other uses.

If you send personal information for its publication on our website, we will publish and use this information in accordance with the license that you award us.

Without your explicit assent we will not provide your personal information to any third party for direct marketing or other purposes.

E. Sharing of personal information

We will be able to share your personal information to any of our personnel, officials, insurers, professional advisers, agents, providers or contractors, as it is reasonably necessary for the ends described in this policy.

We will be able to share your personal information to any member of our corporate group (this includes subsidiaries, our group and all its subsidies, as well as signed strategic alliances), as it is reasonably necessary for the uses described in this policy.

We can share your personal information:

  1. if needed by the law;

  2. as regards any current or prospective legal procedure;

  3. to establish, to exercise or to defend our legal rights (included to provide personal information to others in order to avoid frauds and to reduce the credit risk);

  4. to the buyer (or prospective buyer) of any business or assets that we are selling or are meditating selling; and

  5. to any person that we believe reasonably that it will be able to apply to a court or to another competent authority to request the publication of this personal information, and that, under our reasonable opinion, the above mentioned court or authority will have a reasonable probability of arranging the publication of the above mentioned personal information.

Except for the established by the law, we will not provide your personal information to other third parties.

F. International dates transfers
  1. The information that we compile can be stored, processed and transferred between any of the countries in which we operate, in order to do so we can use the information in accordance with this policy.

  2. The information that we compile, as part of our service delivery process, can be transferred to the following countries where we do not have protection laws of information equivalent to the current ones in the European Economic zone.

  3. The personal information that you publish in our web site or send for its publication in our web site, can be available across the Internet, in the whole world. We cannot avoid the use or bad use of the above-mentioned information on the part of others.

  4. You accept explicitly to the transfers of personal information described in this section F.

G. To preserve personal information
  1. This section G specifies our policy and procedures of conservation of personal information, designed to help to guarantee that we comply with our legal obligations regarding the conservation and elimination of personal information.

  2. The personal information that we process for any end or goals must not be stored any more time than the necessary thing for this end or goals.

  3. Despite other clauses of this section G, we will preserve the documents (included electronic documents) that contain personal details:

  4. in measurement of something that may be needed by the law;

  5. if we believe that the documents can be excellent for any current or prospect legal procedure; and

  6. to establish, to exercise or to defend our legal rights (included to provide personal information to others in order to avoid fraud and to reduce credit risk).

H. Safety of personal information
  1. We will take technical reasonable precautions and organizational measures to avoid the loss, bad use or alteration of personal information.

  2. We will store all personal information that is given to us in our secured servers (protected by passwords and firewalls).

  3. All electronic financial transactions realized with our website will be protected by coding technology.

  4. You accept that the transmission of information on the Internet is inherently insecure and that we cannot guarantee the safety of the information sent across the Internet.

  5. You are a person in charge of maintaining confidential the password that you use to gain access to our website, and we will not ask you for your password (except to initiate a session in our client workspace website).

I. Amends

It is possible that we update this policy occasionally on having published a new version on our website. You must verify occasionally this page to insure yourself about any change known to this policy. It is possible that we notify you of changes to this policy by e-mail or by any other system of communication.

J. Your rights

You can request us that we provide you any personal information that we have of you; the delivery of the above-mentioned information will be subject to the following terms:

  1. the payment of a tariff of 100 EURO by way of administration costs; and

  2. that you present evidence of personal identity. We will usually accept a photocopy of the passport certified by a notary and an original copy of an invoice that shows your current direction.

We can retain the personal information that you request to us if it is allowed by law.

You can request us at any moment that we do not process your personal information for marketing goals.

In practice, you will usually accept explicitly in advance that we use your personal information for marketing purposes, or we will give you the opportunity to decide that your personal information should not be used for marketing use.

K. Web sites of third parties

Our web site can include hyperlinks to, and information of, web sites of third parties. We have no control nor are responsible for the policies of privacy and practices of those.

L. To update information

Please, inform us if the personal information that we have of you needs to be corrected or updated.

M. Cookies

Our web site uses cookies. A cookie is a file that contains an identifier (a chain of letters and numbers) that is sent from a web server to a web navigator and is stored in the navigator. The identifier is sent back to the server whenever the navigator requests a page of the server. The cookies can be “persistent” or of “session”. A persistent cookie will be stored by one navigating web and it will remain valid up to its expiry date, unless the user eliminates it before the expiry date. A session cookie will expire at the end of the meeting of the user, when the navigator closes. The cookies typically do not contain any information that identifies personally the user but personal information that we store on you who can be related to the stored and obtained information of the cookies. We will be able to use session cookies and persistent ones on our website.

  1. The names of the cookies that we can use in our website and the goals of those are specified as follow:

  2. We will be able to use Google Analytics and Adwords, or similar or competitors services, in our website to recognize a computer when a user visits the website, as well as to monitor users while they sail along the web site, to allow the use of a cart of orders in the website, to improve the usability of the website, to analyse the use of the website, to administer the website, to avoid fraud and to improve the safety of the website, to personalize the website for every user, to personalize the announcements that are of particular interest to specific users.

  3. Most of navigators allow to refuse to accept cookies, for example:

  4. In Internet Explorer (version 10) you can block the cookies using the automatic administration of cookies clicking in “Hardware”, “Internet Options”, “Privacy” and then "Advanced".

  5. in Firefox (version 24) you can block all the cookies clicking in “Hardware”, “Options”, “Privacy”, selecting “to Use configuration personalized for the record” from the menu and unflag “to Accept cookies of places”; and

  6. in Chrome (version 29) you can block all the cookies on having gained access to the menu of “Privacy and safety” and clicking in “Configuration”, “Advanced post” and then unflag “to Allow the places to keep and to read cookies information” under the Cookies heading. Blocking cookies will have a negative impact in the usability of many websites. If you block the cookies, you will not be able to use all the functions of your website.

  7. You can eliminate the cookies already stored in your computer, for example:

  8. in Internet Explorer (version 10), you must eliminate manually the files of cookies (you can find instructions to do it in;

  9. in Firefox (version 24) you can eliminate all the cookies clicking in “Hardware”, “Options”, “Privacy”, selecting “to Use configuration personalized for the record” and clicking in “Showing cookies” and then clicking in “Eliminating all the cookies”; and

  10. in Chrome (version 29) you can eliminate all the cookies on having gained access to the menu of “Privacy and safety” and clicking in “Configuration”, “Advanced post” and then selecting “to Eliminate cookies and other places information and plugins” before clicking in “Eliminating navigation information”.

  11. To eliminate the cookies will have a negative impact on the usability of many websites.